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In order to have the best chance at a fair trial, I diligently sort through each case to make sure everything is addressed.

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Criminal Defense & Estate Planning Attorney in Cleveland, Tennessee

Sheridan Randolph

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Before going into law, I was a musician. It was fun and challenging work, but I wasn't getting the fulfillment of helping others. I wanted to do work that could really make an impact on other people's lives. Ultimately, I decided to practice criminal defense and estate planning law because I wanted to help others protect their future. Learn how I can help you today.


"I want to find a creative solution to whatever problem you are facing. There is something out there, let's seek it together."

Sheridan Randolph

Helping You Plan For The Future

Estate Planning is the area of law that deals directly with your assets and how they are distributed after you have passed away. A typical estate plan can involve wills, trusts, medical directives, or charitable donation funds. Estate planning may also include specific outlines for business succession and financial arrangements.

When you make a legal plan for your future, you are protecting your assets and helping your inheritance know what your wishes are. Creating an estate plan can also help your loved ones avoid the emotional probate process.

It's never too early to start planning your family's future. Whether you are just out of college and have very little to your name or you are allocating your assets to leave for family and friends, meeting with an experienced estate planning attorney will help you make strategic decisions.

As your attorney, I will sit down with you and discuss your options, explain the differences between a will and a trust, and help you determine what best fits your needs and that will accomplish your goals. When you know your children will be taken care of after you're gone, you can live a more fulfilling life.

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My desire to help others with their problems and make a difference in their lives has come to fruition through my legal practice. In fact, one of the reasons I decided to start my own firm was to have the power and control over my caseload so that I could better meet their legal needs. When Cleveland, Tennessee residents come to me with their real estate or probate issues, I try to use my knowledge and guidance to help them gain control over their property and help them move forward efficiently.

When I help clients make a plan for moving forward with their future, I'm able to really get to know them, their families, and their personal wishes and goals. Creating a plan helps you find peace of mind that only comes from knowing your family will be taken care of after you're gone.

If you have been charged with a crime in you likely are not just thinking of yourself, but of your family too. What will happen to them if you go to jail? Will they be treated poorly by society because of your mistake? These thoughts are scary and can be overwhelming, which is why you need to hire a defense attorney that is not only a tough litigator but can also empathize with you and take some of the worry and legal burden off your shoulders.

You deserve to have your rights protected at every turn. Only a thorough and experienced criminal defense lawyer can accomplish that. When you work with the Law Office of Sheridan Randolph, you are putting my years of experience and expert knowledge on your side. Reach out to my Cleveland, Tennessee office today and let me help you through your situation.