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Real Estate

Are You Unsure About What to Do With Your Property? Call Attorney Sheridan Randolph

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If you're co-owning a property with someone, contact The Law Office of Sheridan Randolph. I handle partition actions, which involve dividing property in a way both parties are comfortable with. I'll meet with both parties in order to reach a fair agreement.

Find out how to best divide your land. Call 423-464-6793 now to schedule a free real estate law consultation in Cleveland, Tennessee.

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Resolve Your Property Dispute Quickly

The Law Office of Sheridan Randolph takes a variety of real estate law cases in Cleveland, Tennessee. Trust me to help with disputes involving:

  • Property boundaries

  • Landlord-tenant issues

  • Foreclosure

  • Home repairs and new construction

  • Premises liability

  • Zoning

Settle your legal issue before it gets out of hand. Visit The Law Office of Sheridan Randolph in Cleveland, Tennessee today to speak with a competent real estate lawyer.