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Unsure About What You Should Do With Your Co-owned Property?

If you're co-owning a property with someone, contact me at The Law Office of Sheridan Randolph. I handle partition actions, which involve dividing property in a way both parties are comfortable with. I will meet with both parties in order to reach a fair agreement and work to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Confide in me to find out how to best divide your land or how to resolve whatever real estate dispute you’re facing. Contact me today to schedule a consultation in Cleveland, Tennessee.

Need Legal Advice?

Resolve Your Property Dispute Quickly

The Law Office of Sheridan Randolph takes a variety of real estate law cases in Cleveland, Tennessee. I’m a knowledgeable real estate attorney and I’m passionate about using my experience to help people overcome whatever challenges they face, especially when those challenges concern your home. Trust me as your legal counsel with the following real estate disputes:

  • Property boundaries: Wondering how property boundaries work in a legal sense? Or not sure how to check where your property boundaries are? Maybe you and a neighbor are in disagreement about where your property lines are. No matter the circumstances, reach out to me to get your questions answered.

  • Landlord-tenant issues: There are a variety of Tennessee state laws that outline the expectations of a landlord-tenant dynamic. Whether you’re a landlord dealing with abandoned property, a tenant thinking about suing your landlord, or simply wondering what your rights are, I can provide you with clear answers and reliable advice in accordance with your situation.

  • Foreclosure: I have extensive experience in Tennessee foreclosure cases. If you’re an investor or lender looking to issue a foreclosure, or if you’re a renter who’s fallen behind on your mortgage, I’m here to help.

  • Home repairs and new construction: Necessary repairs, maintenance, and construction projects brought up in the closing negotiation process can heavily impact your transaction. Don’t leave yourself or your finances vulnerable. Enlist the guidance of a professional like me.

  • Premises liability: Tenants have rights to basic living conditions, which means landlords are required by law to maintain housing that is safe and liveable. Requested repairs too often get neglected, though, resulting in premise liability personal injury cases. Act now before it’s too late. Reach out to me with questions or for legal help today.

  • Zoning: City or county zoning laws can impact your ability to operate your business as desired. Not sure how your area’s zoning laws affect you and your business? I’m here to listen and offer trustworthy advice.

Settle any issue involving your property before it gets out of hand. Visit or reach out to The Law Office of Sheridan Randolph in Cleveland, Tennessee today to speak with a competent real estate lawyer and build a strategy that suits your needs.