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Hiring A Lawyer

How To Hire A Lawyer

An attorney-client relationship is special. What you share with your attorney is protected by law. Your attorney cannot repeat anything you say privately without your permission. It is your privilege, and you get to decide what your attorney shares.

Forming an effective professional relationship with an attorney, then, is built first on trust. You need time to know if an attorney is right for you. A first impression may be all you need, but it is rarely enough to know what will happen next as your case develops. A lawyer cannot predict the future, but a good one can give you a sense of probability for how things will play out, and what your next best step will be: a game plan.

An Honest Approach

Sometimes lawyers have to deliver bad news. Short-term setbacks on the way to ultimate resolution are not uncommon. And lawyers see things from a different perspective. From a professional perspective. Law is complex at the edges, but its core is straightforward enough. A good lawyer will work hard to advocate for your interests. But a lawyer will also work within the context of the law, which favors fair outcomes that encourage cooperation and liberty. In solving problems, a lawyer will strive to put the client in the best possible position, but will not seek short-term solutions to long-term problems, even if it means giving hard news to clients. The silver lining is this: dealing with the short-term bad news sets you up to win a long-term success.

Reliable Legal Service

Finally, the wheels of justice move slowly. Not only can it feel like nothing is happening on your case, but you may feel your lawyer is ignoring you. You should never feel that way. If your lawyer is using a delay to help your position, you should know it. If a court's calendar is full several months out, your lawyer should tell you. And certain cases take a certain amount of time to resolve. This means that you will have to work with your lawyer over the course of months or even years. It is important to get it right upfront. Pick a lawyer you can work with, one you trust, one with your best interests at heart.

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