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Debt Collection: Know Your Friends - And Enemies

I recently loaned someone over $2,000. I did to try to help someone who was short on cash, and trying to make a go of it in business. Foolishly, I did it on a handshake. This is no way to make a contract. But it did make for an opportunity. I now set…

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Contract: Business By Handshake

Believe it or not, there are still people doing big business by handshake. When there was less mobility, lack of written contract was less of an issue. You knew the people you were doing business with, and might have grown up with them. You knew they…

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You-Guilty Of Imperfect Driving

Have you ever crossed a line? Ever stumbled on an uneven surface? Ever, for just a moment, lose your focus? If you answered “yes”, congratulations—you may be guilty of DUI. Tennessee law recognizes one standard for impaired driving. If your…

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You've Been Arrested. Now What?

When you’re arrested, you are pulled into a system of trained professionals. These professionals seek conviction. Law enforcement and District Attorneys work together to bring charges. And when you’re arrested, the full weight of state lines up to …

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