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Firm Overview

Serving the Legal Needs of Our Community, One Client at A Time

Every case is unique to the people and circumstances involved. I give personalized attention to every issue, considering options from every angle. That means more flexibility and higher client satisfaction.

Regardless of your legal needs, there is an answer. I can help you find it. I have worked in administrative, corporate, and criminal law. I have developed nonprofits, including addressing tax issues that make that area of law so difficult and beneficial.

My practice has seen a wide range of issues, from criminal defense litigation to multi-million dollar transaction work. Whatever your issue, I have probably seen something similar, and will work with laser focus to get you to your best possible outcome.

A Unique Approach

In my practice, I strive for a total approach, considering all aspects of a problem. I find that taking care of the details of my work helps me take care of others. Legal problems are complicated. Sometimes all you need is simply to know what's going to happen next and how the court affects you, but you know when something's not right, and you know when you need help. Whether your concerns are business-related, or if you've been charged with a crime, you know when it is time to call for help — when things stop making sense.

Because I devote so much time to each case, my availability is limited. When I take on a client, I commit to getting to the heart of the problem, no matter how long it takes. I am committed to finding the best solution for my clients. Sometimes that means telling the unvarnished truth about how the law applies to a given case. But if you are interested in quality representation, especially tough or novel issues, please call us.

Problems that require legal attention rarely get better over time. Call my office today to get started. There's no risk or obligation - just a chance to cut through conflicting advice, moving things forward on your terms.